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Company Background

Gemilang International Holdings (Labuan) Ltd. is a subsidiary company of the MZGroup. MZGroup is a business group that is rapidly developing and expanding business in Asia. MZGroup businesses focused on the challenging and have the ability to continue to compete based on their experience and knowledge in the sector that has been developed. MZGroup business sector is divided into three core businesses, namely;

MZGroup has won the trust and appointed by the producer / leading manufacturers around the world to be the sole dealer Southeast Asia Region for the products use in hospital and medical sectors

  1. Hospital and Medical Equipment Supply,
  2. Consultancy and Supplier of Industrial Machinery Food & Beverage,
  3. Direct Sales Business and Franchise

For the consultation and supply of food / beverage Machinery industrial, MZGroup aims to become a capable leader of negotiating the "Halal" Certification, GMP and HACCP as well as providing high-tech machinery for the food and beverage industry in the country. Demand for halal products and meet international standards for food and beverage industry, creating high demand for high-tech processing machinery and technology.

For more information on the industry "Medical Equipment & Food Machinery", please visit; http://www.mzgroup.com.my

For the continuity of the current core business, and Franchise Direct Sales industry will be developed in parallel with the development of MZGroup. Through a subsidiary of Gemilang International Holdings (Labuan) Ltd. planning and development of the Direct Sales and Franchise will be developed on par with the big names of industry icons in the world.

Gemilang International Holdings (Labuan) Ltd. has gained the trust of the leading manufacturers of Pomegranate Juice in United Kingdom, The Pure Juice Company Ltd. UK. GIHSB has been appointed as the sole dealer for the Asian Region for marketing of natural juice products by The Pure Juice Company Ltd. UK.

With this appointment, GIHSB has made thorough planning to market their products by The Pure Juice Company Ltd. UK throughout the Asian region through the Network and Internet marketing.


  • To develop health and beauty as naturally.
  • To provide better business opportunities and easier to greater glorious.
  • Strive and raise the genuine and ethical MLM industry


  • Creating a unique, easy and profitable marketing plan.
  • To produce alternative product that have quality and different from the competitors.
  • Gain high level of marketing commitment (effective service) distributors and provide systematic training to achieve its objectives.
  • Establish the distributors who have a high level of leadership and ability to compete in an International market.

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