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Bismillahir rahmanir rahim
Assalamualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarakatuh dan Salam Sejahtera…

Welcome to the World of Gemilang International holdings (Labuan) Ltd.
Ambitions and dreams capture hard life but with the spirit and determination in the grip of a dream sure in our hand. On the way to achieve the goals embedded in the soul, the ups and downs like a bond for us to continue to the next step ...

But the open-minded slaves of Allah, and any failure to pass a positive stab a wisdom that is hidden by Allah to His servants who believe. From the point of failure along with us to explore the success in front us.

Success can not be purchased with money, but the efforts and sacrifices costume made with a prayer to Him will lead us to success.

The current modernization of the world is witnessing a lot of big powers face the recession and losses. The big names that become a business icon in the world to feel the heat of the global economic crisis that hit in the current era of modernization.

But in the industry "Network Marketing" sales increased to over USD 500 Billion per year and it continues to grow rapidly with the increase of new players in the luxury industry, from day to day without realizing.

Economic experts say that business will grow rapidly in line with the modern world is the Health and Network Marketing Industry. Where the two fields will produce millionaires largest and fast compared to other industries. We at Gemilang Pomepure take bold approach to create business opportunities covering both great on the industry to be presented to anyone who wants to enjoy success in the real world and the hereafter.

Surely that already has a highway for our success to go through without incurring great risks in order to change the lives much more harmony. By Business "Network Marketing" business capital required is very small compared to the conventional business that requires very high investment and risk. But the effort, enthusiasm and sacrifice of our struggle have to be together in developing this business.

Let´s fight together with Gemilang Pomepure. Let move your first step to ensuring that the measures of success be yours someday.

May Allah S.W.T. bless your efforts.


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