Frequently Ask Question : PRODUCT

Q: Why it is called as Pomepure?

A : We called it as Pomepure because it is natural 100% pure product and customer know what should they have without any hesitation. POME is a short form for Pomegranate and PURE means 100% pure natural.

Q : What makes Pomepure brand much better than others?

A : Pomepure contains 100% original Organic Pomegranate juice and it is not from concentrated. Press by natural original juice, no water added, or blended and free with any additional flavour, colour, sugar, stabilizer or animal's fat.

Q: What is the evidence that supports Pomepure juice was processed by clean and Halal?

A : We have seriously take a full attention to juice quality, producing highly qualitative and pure natural juice, supported by Halal certificate, ISO9001:2000, HACCP 9000, SGF/IRMA and followed AIJN & RSK packaging standard.

Q: Why your Pomepure juice have a different taste?

A:We used the greatest Pomegranate that had special quality which is contains sweet taste and we did not have to add any additional flavours or additives. Our Pomegranate juice did not blended just like other juices which are make confusion from customer that blame it is 100% original when it is produced by fruit blended. Their packaging can make customer confused which only used Pomegranate image that shows it is Pomegranate juice only and did not contains any additional flavors

Q: What is the differences of Pomepure Pomegranate juice 100% original "Pure Press" compare to the Concentrated pomegranate juice?

A: Pomepure Pomegranate juice is 100% original of Pure Press process and pasteurized to make a nutrient balance juices. Compared to the condensed Pomegranate juice that has been cooked will facing a lost of taste and original nutrient and water addition. It makes the juice not original anymore and cheaper because of additional water. Thus, condensed juice could not be compare with natural pure juice.

Q: Why Pomepure juice has been pasteurized?

A: We pasteurized the Pomepure juice to make sure that there is no bacteria/microorganism and our Pomepure juice is safe to be used, so we did not use any additional substance.

Q: What is the expired date of Pomepure juice?

A: Our Pomepure juice has an expired date of 24 months after manufactured date.

Q: How many quantities that should be drink for a day?

A: As an original product, it is not encouraged to used on a large amount in a time, because of our product is original and rich with nutrient, it is urge to be used about 50ml in a time. For health, it is better to be used on equable amount daily, as instructed.

Q : When should Pomepure juice is able to drink?

A : Pomepure juice is best to be drink at breakfast along with dates.

Q: Can the pregnant woman take the Pomepure juice on their daily diets?

A: We really encouraged the pregnant women to take this Pomepure juice because it is good for the growth of the baby where folic acid in the juice may help babies brain grows well.

Q: Should kids drink Pomepure juice too?

A: It is good for your kids because the high antioxidant level in the juice may help the kids fighting against diseases. The taste of sweet and sour will make your kids craving more POMEPURE juice…

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