Why Networking Business?

As an employee there's a limit to how much you can earn from your individual efforts. Business owners create wealth by leveraging off the work done by their employees. However, building wealth through employees can be very difficult, as a general rule employees will never work as hard as the business owner because they are not receiving the same level of rewards.


Network Principal

Networker on Relationship
Networker on Sponsorship
Basic Networker Principles
Sensitive Issues MUST be avoided


Step to Success

Attend Free Gemilang4u Business Opportunity Seminar (GBOS)
Use Products
Have products on hand
To obtain materials to assist your sales


How Gemilang4u.com works?

Step 1: Choose a Fast Start Product Package and Join as a member of Gemilang4u.com
Step 2: Enroll in the Monthly Order Assurance Program
Step 3: Attend a Gemilang Business Opportunity Training - Only 1 day
Step 4: Share Samples and Marketing Materials with Friends, Family, and Prospects


Compensation Plan

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