How works

Step 1: Choose a Fast Start Product Package and Join as a member of and receive:

  1. Products for you and your family
  2. Your choice of a one-time Associate, Executive, Manager or Director package will set your commission's percentage
  3. You will earn 50% Roll-Up Sponsoring Bonus based on the Fast Start Package you choose
  4. Get products for you and your family
  5. Prepare Products for sampling your business's tools
  6. Get personalized website
  7. Get discounted Price on Products
  8. Ability to earn an Income in 11 different ways with the Prosperity Plan

Step 2: Enroll in the Monthly Order Assurance Program

  1. Automatic product repurchase for you and your family
  2. Each month, you can share samples with your new prospects
  3. Your monthly order ensures you are qualified (active) to earn commissions and bonuses

Step 3: Attend a Gemilang Business Opportunity Training - Only 1 day

  1. Train on the simple steps to build a successful business

Step 4: Share Products Samples and Marketing Materials with Friends, Family, and Prospects

  1. Sharing samples of products is the fastest way to build your business
  2. Host product parties or meet one on one with the people you know
  3. Use the Business tools to share the Business Opportunity

Step 5: Sponsor Associates, Executive, Manager and Director

  1. Part of networking business, members should shareproduct and business opportunity to your family, friend and all people.
  2. Sponsoring online is easy from your members website.
  3. New members can enroll from your web site

Step 6: Earn Commissions and Bonuses

  1. Fast Start Bonus will calculated daily and pay to your E?wallet
  2. Your daily bonus will deduct 20% for Auto maintain Program and pay into your Maintenance E?wallet.
  3. For Auto credited into your account, you must update your bank account details.
  4. Monthly Bonus will calculated for repurchase product of monthly maintainable all members.
  5. You can use your commissions to purchase more products

Step 7: Build your way to Freedom

  1. Earn Fast Start Bonus Weekly Income
  2. Earn Long Term Residual Income
  3. Qualify for a Mega Luxury Incentive
  4. Enjoy the Freedom of your Lifestyle

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