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Networkers Principles

  1. Networker on Relationship
    •  Uplines to Downlines - Education, training, motivation, guidance and offering assistance
    •  Downlines to Uplines - 100% duplication, show respect and always appreciate Uplines.
    •  Sidelines - To build a strong and close relationship, be helpful and motivate each other.
  2. Networker on Sponsorship
    •  Do not discuss personal and educational background but exchange experiences instead.
    •  Do not discuss ranks but discuss on sales volume instead.
    •  Do not discuss negative issues but show encouragement to one another.
    •  When encounter negative issues, report to your Upline.
  3. Basic Networker Principles
    •  If you have new ideas, always discuss with your Upline.
    •  Do not convey negative issues to your Downlines.
    •  Do not disrupt the good relationship between Upline & Downline.
    •  Loans between Uplines and Downlines are discouraged.
    •  Do not get involved in unhealthy relationships.
    •  Do not passing negative remarks about others.

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