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Steps to Success

  1. Attend Free Gemilang4u Business Opportunity Seminar (GBOS)
    • To understand the company's background, product knowledge, marketing plan and rules and regulations, a member/distributor needs to attend GBOS at least a minimum of 5 times.
  2. Use Products
    • Use the products personally in order to feel its benefits thus providing you with the understanding of the benefits of the products.
    • Using the products personally will not only improve your state of health but you will also be able to share the benefits with your friends and customers and convince them to purchase the products.
  3. Have products on hand
    • Having products on hand will ensure that your friends and customers can purchase the products immediately.
    • Request your sponsor to assist you initially in purchasing your stocks(products).
  4. To obtain materials to assist your sales
    • To To be an effective member/distributor; you should have the following materials: eg. tape recorder, notebook, name cards, system training cassettes, product videotapes, product booklets and system training handbooks are recommended.
  5. Attend training
    • Always attend product knowledge and system training.
    • Efforts should be made to encourage your friends and Downlines to attend training and meetings.
  6. Project a successful image
    • Examples of a successful image are your manners, attire, attitude, conversation and habits.
  7. List down your prospects
    • Everyone is your potential prospect.
    • List down your sponsorship as follows: unemployed, not satisfied with current job, business minded, those who wish for success, those who are in financial problems, retiree, those who are experienced in direct selling.
    • List down at least 100 prospects and keep them close to you.
    • Your list of prospects should begin with the one closest to you.
    • Do not disregard your prospects.
    • Continue to make new friends and list them in your prospect list.
  8. Invitation
    • Give priority to friends who are close to you.
    • Invite them over for a meeting to convince them.
    • Make one to one invitation.
    • Before inviting your prospect, inform your Upline about your prospect's background.
    • Discuss with your Upline about the technique of invitating.
    • Invite your prospects sincerely.
    • When doing invitation, do not touch on these 3 matters: company, products and marketing plan.
    • Invite one person at a time but couples are encouraged to come together.
    • Learn telephone ethics; keep your conversation brief.
    • Always reconfirm your appointments.
  9. Follow-up
    • The goal is to assist prospects to have an interest in the business and to further understand the benefits of network marketing.
    • After the appointment, you must make a follow-up within 24 hours.
    • The best way to make follow-ups is to meet your invites.
    • Prepare tools such as books, video tapes and others for your invites so that you have a chance to meet them again.
    • Your positive attitude is an essential factor to convince prospects to make the decision.
  10. Time management
    • Consult with your Uplines on time management when doing Gemilang4u.com business.

Seven Routines to Perform Daily

  1. Read
  2. Listen to CD / cassettes (motivational, trainings, etc.)
  3. Use the products
  4. Sell the products
  5. Attend trainings and meetings
  6. Always stay in touch with your Uplines
  7. Present your business opportunity

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