Pomecafe brings you new health product which people would love to drink during their leisure time – the Green Tea Delima mixed with Goat’s Milk. This product contains healthy superb ingredients which obviously contain Pomegranate Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Goat Milk Powder, Hill Salt, Non-dairy Creamer and many other healthy ingredients.

It is the first ever product in the health industry to have the combination of Goat’s Milk, Green Tea and Pomegranate which brings tremendous health benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea Delima + Goat Milk

  1. This combination contains more Vitamin B3 which gives extra energy to the human body.

  2. Contains more minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Selenium which helps in the prevention of anemia.

  3. It aids in the absorption of calcium which leads to the prevention of osteoporosis (brittleness of the bones)

  4. All the positive effects of minerals contained in the Green Tea Delima plus Goat’s Milk leads to perfect nutrition of people of all ages. It also leads to the increase in the absorption of several nutritional values.

  5. It would lead to decreases concentration of cholesterol in the blood because it stimulates the anti-oxidation system in the body.

  6. Ellagic acid which is contained in the product is approximately better in the prevention of obesity or being overweight. It reduces the feeling of hunger and increases fat metabolism.

  7. Tannins prevent type II diabetes in the elderly.

  8. Urolithins diminishes the formation of blood clots which is better in the prevention of stroke and heart attack.

  9. Increases the concentration of homocysteine in the blood which reduces the risk factor of coronary diseases.

  10. It increases and stimulates the proper anti-oxidation system in the body which slows down the aging process, for people suffering from schizophrenia and for men who are subject to reduced fertility.

Overall, it fits perfectly in attaining a balanced nutrition to our body! So, let us all drink it!

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