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Germanium will likely become a significant trace mineral because of its safety and versatile range of therapeutic properties, which have enabled somewhat 'miraculous' remissions and cures, particularly with the Japanese, who have had the most experience with this element. A critical analysis of the underlying mechanisms of how organic Germanium works in performing its various tasks may seem 'miraculous'. Although Germanium is not a magical substance, its effects on the body are sometimes remarkable.

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Antioxidant alkaline water fights various diseases, malignant matters; it is anti-aging and brings oxygen-free radical in our body that makes you feel refreshed and healthy. Good antioxidant alkaline water works on two sides, that is, it could influence life and aging, health and disease, happiness and pain. We highly recommend the use of alkaline water for the whole family.
The blood in our body consists of 90% of alkaline water. The alkaline blood has an important role in the body, that is, it supplies oxygen, nutrients and minerals to each of the organs, and also carries the body acidic wastes to the excretory organ.

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