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Company Background

Gemilang4u International Phils. Network Inc. (Gemilang4u), is a business partner of the MZGroup Of Companies. MZGroup is a rapidly developing and expanding business in Asia. MZGroup businesses focus on the challenging industries of health products and networking. It is an established business based in Malaysia and has already branched out in several areas in Asia, like China, Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand. Their business experience and knowledge in the networking sector is something they are proud of.

Our mission is to provide unlimited opportunity for improved health and wealth to our members-networkers. Gemilang4u is proud to offer high quality and premium products plus a Super Hybrid Prosperity Success Plan. This health and wealth business plan is now creating a loud buzz in the direct-sales industry.

With the highest payout in the health and networking industry, truly, Gemilang4u is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Gemilang4u has proudly put together a Management Team composed of seasoned and passionate business experts that has your best interest in mind. Indeed, our business is your business and our success is also your success.

We shall be pleased to present to you our company and our products through our websites at:

  • To develop and provide our members-networkers/customers, the best products coupled with the best business opportunities—a rare business option in the MLM industry.

  • To provide an unlimited opportunity for improved health and wealth to our members-networkers/customers.
  • To produce the best alternative health products that are exclusively available at Gemilang4u.
  • To gain high level of marketing commitment and excellent training for the distributors.
  • To establish a group of competitive networkers who have superior leadership and ability to be able to compete in the International market.

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