DMZ Bio Energy Bracelet (4in1 Energy)

Bracelet contains:Magnet, Infrared, Germanium, Negative ions
Size:6-8.5 inches


  1. Prevention of Cancer
    • Cancer cells are weak at high heat; if the amount of hematocele in a tumor tissue is small, it is difficult for it to emit heat, thus, extravasated blood is conspicuous and enzymes that resist hydrogen cyanide become insufficient. The radiation heat of infrared rays is effective, because it acts within the permitted temperature, not damaging surrounding normal cells. The generation of enzymes by infrared rays is promoted, therefore, hematocele improves, and you can be liberated from the symptoms of extravasated blood.
  2. Lymph Nodes
    • Because lymph tends to have acidity due to lowered hydrogen ion concentration, when a person is tired, nerves are stimulated and causes various stress accompanied by pain, sharp pain, and paralysis. To combat this, the infrared rays with a wavelength of 7-30u penetrate the deep hypodermic layer by sympathetic vibration, absorption and deep penetration force. Therefore, when temperature rises in the deep hypodermic layer, there‚Äôs an expansion of the capillaries, and blood circulation is promoted.
  3. Gastritis, Enlarged Prostate and Hemorrhoids
    • For treatment of hemorrhoids, an examination is conducted for 30 minutes on the anus and pelvis by using doughnut-type cushion with an infrared therapy device.
  4. Menopausal Disorder
    • When the ovary functions decrease, the production of estrogen diminishes and readjustment occurs in the equilibrium of hormones between the endocrine glands that control sexual function. When the production of estrogen diminishes, it generates abnormality in the nerves and blood function in the hypothalamus; and thus, a hindrance of blood movement is caused. The pituitary glands metabolism function changes and the amount of follicle-stimulating hormones in the blood or urine increases.
  5. Herpes Zoster
    • Although disease-causing germs are congested as viruses, they have yet to be confirmed. A disease-causing virus infiltrates the skin and nerves, and thus small water blisters are generated in certain dominating area of the nerves and are arranged in the form of a band. The most serious symptom is an eye disorder. In most cases, it will take 15 days to be cured, but some take a long time, even several months.
  6. Lumbago and Raynauds Syndrome
    • The causes of lumbago are varied including physical strains and disease. Infrared rays have great warming effect, warm a human's body inside, promote blood circulation, and relieve congestion. Accordingly, lumbago and Raynauds Syndrome are also easily treated.
  7. Leucorrhea
    • There is no other therapy that excels more than infrared rays for physical therapy of a womb's contraction. In many hospitals, infrared rays are used after childbirth. An excellent effect can be seen for leucorrhea with continuous use of infrared rays. The 7-8 minutes per session therapy is reinvigorating and is an effective sexual stimulant.

Atomic Number: 32
Atomic Mass: 72.59 g/mol

Discovered By: Clemens Winkler, 1886

Germanium will likely become a significant trace mineral because of its safety and versatile range of therapeutic properties, which have enabled somewhat 'miraculous' remissions and cures, particularly with the Japanese, who have had the most experience with this element.

A critical analysis of the underlying mechanisms of how organic Germanium works in performing its various tasks may seem 'miraculous'. Although Germanium is not a magical substance, its effects on the body are sometimes remarkable.

Germanium is a semi-metal which comes out of the earth and can be found everywhere. Its elemental semiconductor properties made it highly prized by the electronics industry. Although it may not function similarly as a semiconductor in the body, Germanium's electronic structure and configuration enable it to carry out many tasks which could have a healing effect on the body, including the elimination and neutralization of toxic substances such as heavy metals and free radicals, and protection of blood cells from radiation.

A critical research on the molecular level has documented Germanium's immuno-enhancing properties, particularly for cancer and arthritis. Organic Germanium has been thoroughly researched by both the orthodox scientific and alternative holistic communities, with encouraging therapeutic results acceptable to the framework and philosophy of both these healing traditions. The versatility of organic Germanium's therapeutic effects, and its virtual non-toxicity, make it a highly attractive substance to anyone interested in attaining and maintaining good health, to wit:

  1. Enhancement of human immunity function
  2. Normalization of human physiologic function
  3. Wide antineoplastic function
  4. Anti-carcinogen function
  5. Prevention and treatment of diseases

Five Major Actions of Negative ion (Anions)

  1. Purification of Blood
    • Negative ions increase the top five factors of blood (nitrogen, oxygen, calcium, sodium, and potassium) and make our blood become slightly alkali, and thus purify our blood.
  2. Restoration of Cells
    • Our body consists of about 6 trillion cells, and if our body has blood with a great number of Negative ions (alkali attributes), the movement of cells is active. Negative ions help supply nutrition within our cells and discharge waste materials.
    • With these actions, sick cells and dead cells are restored, and calcium increases. The increased level of calcium makes the movement of muscles more active, especially cardiac muscles, resulting in a strong heart.
  3. Increase of Resistance Power
    • Gamma globulin is a kind of protein contained in serum, and is an immunizing antibody.
    • When negative ions increase within the human body, the amount of gamma globulin in the blood also increases. Thus, the increased level of antibodies will help maintain a healthful body by increasing the resistance power against infection.
  4. Adjustment ability of Autonomic Nerves
    • Autonomic nerves control all the organs automatically, regardless of a persons will.
    • The quantity of negative ions controls the autonomous nervous system, which enhances blood circulation and organ functions.
    • Hence, Negative ions vitalize the nervous system, blood and lymph, and play a critical role to strengthen weakened functions and provide vitality.
  5. Pain relief
    • Negative ions increase ionized calcium, generate endorphins and enkephalins which help in the recovery from fatigue and boost physical strength, as well as make invigorate the cells in the human body, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain.

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